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    The Statement of CyberBionic Systematics Online Privacy

    This statement will enter into force on 13 January 2014.

    CBS attaches great importance to the privacy of your information, because of the preservation of your security and confidence - our primary objective.

    This statement sets out the principles of working with information on websites CyberBionic Systematics and affiliated companies, including what type of information is gathered and tracked, how the information is used and who is available.

    Statement CyberBionic Systematics Online Privacy applies only in respect of websites and resources CyberBionic Systematics and affiliated companies, which in turn contain a reference to this statement as well as off-line technical support team members. Below are the key provisions of the Declaration.

    From time to time we may supplement and extend this statement and other information relating to the individual forms of interaction with you.

    If you have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or its implementation, please contact Customer Support support@itvdn.com.

    If you do not want us to use your personal information to contact you in the future with any purposes beyond the scope of your request, you should contact our customer support and we will respect your wishes.

    The information witch we collect

    In some situations, you may voluntarily provide us with your personal information directly. For example, you may want to tell us your name and contact details to communicate with you, to order a product, order processing, registration and obtaining the services included in your list of subscribers and to establish business relations with you, if you are a supplier or a business partner.

    What we collect:

    - registration - when you register in a single system authentication CyberBionic Systematics to facilitate access to our information resources of the company, you may be required to provide information about yourself, such as your name, city and country of residence, contact details.

    - authorization - to gain access to some services CyberBionic Systematics, you will need to provide your e-mail and password, which we refer to your account CBSID. Once received your CBSID, you may be automatically subscribed to other sites and resources.

    - Data from other sources - we can obtain additional information from third party sources. This ensures maximum accuracy and completeness of the information, and facilitates more effective forms of cooperation with you. In this case, we ask the vendors to confirm that the personal data was collected by third parties in accordance with the law and that we have the right to collect and use the data.

    The usage of personal data

    The following paragraphs describe in more detail how CyberBionic Systematics may use your personal information.

    Fulfill your requests for certain services

    If you request something from CyberBionic Systematics, for example, a product or service or training specific marketing materials, that you provide, personal data will be used to fulfill your request. In order to improve the quality of fulfilling your request, we can provide such information to third parties, such as business partners CyberBionic Systematics, financial institutions and organizations, and other parties involved in the implementation process which your request. In addition, we may contact you about the conduct of the transaction as part of the survey the opinions of customers or market research.

    Customizing our websites

    We may use your personal information to provide customization of our websites and resources in accordance with your requirements, such as personalization of services and materials that can be useful and interesting to you, and help you navigate the sites.

    Providing support

    CyberBionic Systematics reserves the right to use your personal data in order to support you acquire products and services for the notification of withdrawal updates and subsequent levels of training courses.

    In the process of providing technical support we can get access to the data that you have provided to us or stored in our system. It can be your personal data or data on your organization.


    The data that you provide us CyberBionic Systematics, as well as from third parties and are used by CyberBionic Systematics for marketing and research purposes.

    However, you can opt out of receiving marketing materials and newsletters that we send at any time. To do this, you must cancel the subscription by following the instructions which are included in each guide you an e-mail to tell us about his decision during a phone call go to contact support via the feedback form on the website.

    Selection of partners

    In the case of an application for a job or request information in connection with a vacancy published on websites CyberBionic Systematics, or other sources, you can provide us with information about yourself in a resume and cover letter. We may use this information solely within CyberBionic Systematics to consider your candidacy or fulfill your information request. If you do not specify that do not want this, we can save this information for future reference in the future.

    Protection of the rights and property CyberBionic Systematic, as well as third parties

    Company CyberBionic Systematic may use or disclose your personal information in order to protect its rights and property, as well as business partners, suppliers, customers and other parties if we have sufficient reason to believe that such rights or property rights may be violated. In addition, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information in cases stipulated by law. Such cases include as a requirement of the court in judicial proceedings in relation to our web sites and our belief that such action is necessary to protect our rights or the rights of third parties.

    Safety and reliability of the information

    Company CyberBionic Systematics is committed to protecting the personal data of users and ensure their reliability. We use physical, administrative and technical security measures that are needed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, theft and misuse.

    Privacy Questions and Access

    If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or the use of your data by CyberBionic Systematics, you can send an email to Customer Support at support@itvdn.com

    Information about payment instruments

    Information about payments - is the information that you provide in the implementation of online purchases and payments. It may include normal and payment details of your instrument (such as a credit card), your name and billing address, as well as the security code that applies to this payment instrument (eg, code CSV or SVV).

    Information about payments are used to complete your transaction, as well as to detect and prevent fraud. To perform these actions, as well as to mitigate credit risk, the company CyberBionic Systematics does not store information on your payments, since all transactions are carried out on the side of banks and other financial institutions and services which carry out payment transactions. Such an approach can significantly improve the security and reliability of payment transactions.

    Retention of information

    CyberBionic Systematics company reserves the right to store your login information, as long as you have access to your account, or as much as you will be given this or that service. If you do not wish that we not use your registration information to provide services to you, report it to the address support@itvdn.com. We will do everything possible to store and use your registration information in accordance with your requirements, legal obligations and the implementation of our agreements.

    Notification of changes.

    When in this Privacy Statement to make a significant change, we place at the top of this page informational message to notify users that is displayed for 30 days from the date of approval of the changes. When you want to use your personal data in a manner different from that agreed upon receipt of this data, we are committed to send you notice of this and you are right to allow or not allow us to use your personal data in this way.